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This is my site - filmkeepsmealive.

I shoot film, this is what I love, this is how I find myself. I'm no professional, I shoot and learn the art of photography.

I love film because it makes me think every single shot. I love film because time passes slowly.

I started this journey to find some time for myself, to be completely isolated, disconnected from everything, just me and my camera on the road, in a field, in a forest, in a busy city street, near the sea, or up a mountain… I am still way far from being considered as a photographer (probably won’t get there at all), so many things I learn every day - mostly from my mistakes, so many talented people I meet (online, though I would love to have the opportunity to see them in action) that share the same passion, but I am determined to continue to pursue my passion, day in – day out, hopefully in the years to come, in order to finally fulfill my goal: take my first beautiful photo...

That’s why I keep pressing the shutter. 

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